Executive search

Recruitment of High Profiles by direct approach

Managerial Coaching

Coaching of Managers and Executives

Our services are a long-term commitment

Executive Search

Through a direct approach, we recruit High Profiles and Managers to support the human and strategic investments of our clients.

Managerial Coaching

For a better management of your teams or your Know-How, we help you to strengthen your skills or acquire new ones.

Our recents projects

Deputy Managing Director, 41

Sector Fine Chemical Industry, Hamburg

Recruitment by direct approach reinforced by individual follow-up.

R&D Department Director, 52

Pharmaceutical Industry Sector, Ile de France

Leadership and Time-Management Coaching.

Plant Manager, 51

Metallurgical Industry Sector, Île de France

Recruitment by direct approach.

Vice-President, 57

IT Services Sector, Île de France

Recruitment by direct approach and Positioning Coaching.

Oreance Executives operates in Coaching and Executive Search domains in France and abroad. Specialist in Managers and Executives skills development, we participate in the growth of companies and the development of their employees through recruitment missions by direct approach, and, managerial coaching.

Our international presence is ensured through our network of dedicated partners.

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