Consultants and Coachs, all Seniors and experts in your functions.

We diligently maintain, in addition to our professional skills, our abilities:

  • listening
  • of understanding
  • of political subtlety
  • of intellectual openness

To our personal qualities, is added a spirit of synthesis capable of translating your suggestions or your ideas expressed at the start into precise and exploitable requirements.

Our ability to recruit the managers and executives you need is based on a demanding relational database and solid partnerships. Thus, we know how to find the essential resources for your managerial development.

And, our quality requirements are capitalized through proven methods and tools used during our many services, and constantly enriched with the lessons of our missions.


Our Values

  • Full mission accountability
  • Interest and dynamism
  • Listening and logical analysis of managerial skills
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Taste for professional performance