“Recruiting is both a human and a strategic investment.”

Relying on the quality and professionalism of our Recruitment and Coaching interventions, and confident in the sustainability of the existing partnership between them and us, our clients have entrusted us with several missions to recruit high-level executives and leaders by direct approach.

On the strength of this trust and these successful mandates, OREANCE EXECUTIVES provides national and international companies with its relational experience, its address book as well as its expertise in behavioral management of executives and managers.

OREANCE EXECUTIVES team of associate consultants, made up of senior high-end recruitment specialists, provide our clients with the assurance of our ability to recruit and attract the talents necessary for the development of their organizations.

These are the profiles you need, and we know how to detect and recruit them.

Databases enriched daily and permanent contact with professional organizations allow us an effective direct approach to candidates.

Our main Know-How: Identifying, detecting and attracting talent in line with the structural and operational environment of our clients.

What makes the direct approach of these “high level” profiles specific :

  • A keen sense of responsibility
  • The ability to manage personal and professional time separately
  • Ability to mobilize teams within, and sometimes despite, unpredictable changes
  • Operational availability and adaptability (practical meaning)
  • Skills and an understanding of the strategic positioning of the company and its environment.

Our methodology

Managing our recruitment mission, in distinct phases, like a strategic project : 


  • Definition of position and profile of the candidate (basics elements of the search)
  • Research of potential candidates
  • Selection of folders (Databases)
  • Direct approach to targeted candidates
  • Selection of candidates
  • Communication of interim balance sheets
  • Interview of candidates by yourself (HR, Management)
  • Signing of contract and taking office
  • Candidate integration follow-up
  • Optional: Candidate positioning coaching (according to established objectives)