“Support the development of managerial skills”

Coaching of Executives and Managers is a major component of our objective of developing skills value within the company, and stands out from Consulting by its individual and personalized commitment to its beneficiary.

“A single individual does not always have sufficient resources to meet the demands of his professional position.”

We therefore strive to make the meeting of the Coach and the Coachee as beneficiary, an act concentrated in time and whose added value will be visible in short term, for lasting results. Knowledge of the organizational and strategic aspects of the company is one of the guarantors of the axes of development and conduct proposed by our Coachs.

The results must be the perfect match between skills and personality.

By creating a personal resonance, our Coach reflects and facilitates brainwork and awareness of the Coachee. Its role is to promote the development of the potential and acquired skills of its beneficiary, and to help him to act efficiently.

And what can be the objectives for the Leader?

    • Repositioning in its function
    • Mastery of his role
    • Control of his actions/reactions
    • Acceptance of his role as a leader
    • Reinforce his Management Style

And what can be the objectives for the Manager?

    • The development and strengthening of managerial skills
    • Improving their operating methods and personal organization
    • Putting into perspective his type of professional and personal behavior

Our methodology

We identify the objective to be achieved through to our ECOLE method:

  • Environment :   Current situation
  • Causes :               Responsible Elements
  • Objective(s) :      Short/Medium/Long Term
  • Levers :                 Medium
  • Effects :                 Visible and concrete results